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Injection Mold Tooling

Explore our affordable injection mold tooling options.


A cost-effective tooling option for developing high quality plastic prototype parts.


An economical option for manufacturing 1,000-100,000 plastic parts.


Globally competitive production tooling for 400 ton presses and smaller.

Prototype Molds

While most rapid prototyping services cut corners by using aluminum or nixing design features to save customers money, we take a different approach. We developed a proprietary Modular Tooling System (MTS)  to keep tooling costs low and quality high. 

The Modular Tooling System was designed with the intent of replicating a production mold. It pockets out the areas of the mold that are specific to your part, thus reducing a complex mold to just a few pieces of steel. This process saves time and decreases the amount of capital required to get your project off the ground. 

This offering can help you develop functional plastic injection molded prototypes without having to compromise on quality or budget. Read more about it on our prototyping services page.

The Benefits:

  • Parts will be made to the exact specifications on your design print
  • Get the benefits of steel for the price of aluminum
  • You can test your parts without wondering if the fault is in your design or a flawed prototype
  • Reduces overall product development costs 
  • Your choice of material - even abrasive/glass-filled resin
  • Design changes are quick & easy

Ideal For: Functional plastic parts for design validation & testing

Part Quantities: 1 - 1,000 parts

Tool Material: P20 steel

Bridge Molds

Need to bridge the gap between the prototyping stage and full-scale production? Our prototype molds can serve as bridge tooling to satisfy your production needs until you are ready to invest in a multi-cavity production mold. This will keep you within budget and on-time since no new tool build is necessary. 

This option is perfect for testing a new product on the market or manufacturing parts that require small annual volumes, such as specialty or replacement parts. Because our prototype tooling is built with production in mind, there is little to no differentiation between our prototype and bridge molds.  

The Benefits:

  • Eliminates the need to purchase additional tooling for small quantities
  • Low piece part price
  • Get parts on demand exactly when you need them

Ideal For: Manufacturing low annual production part quantities

Part Quantities: 1,000-100,000 parts per year

Tool Material: P20 steel

Production Molds

Despite the pitfalls of purchasing injection mold tooling overseas, many companies struggle to justify paying more for tooling that is made in the USA. Fortunately, our customers no longer have to make that choice.

We offer globally competitive prices on high quality steel production molds for 400 ton presses and smaller. Our skilled toolmakers use CNC and EDM equipment to construct multi-cavity production molds from hardened steel to meet extremely tight tolerances. Unlike our prototype tooling, production molds are built from scratch and shipped to the customer.

The Benefits:

  • No International shipping
  • No quality concerns
  • No communication barriers

Ideal For: Injection molders with <400 ton presses

Part Quantities: 100,000+ parts

Tool Material: Hardened steel


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Confused About What Mold Is Right For Your Parts? Download Our Guide!

Our Injection Mold Build Classification Guide will help you determine the right injection mold for your part's specifications, quantities, materials, lead time and design features. 

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