The Easiest Way To Select Materials For Your Product

Jun 15, 2017

During your last product launch, do you know why you chose the material you did? Why is that particular material the best for the application? Did you just choose that material because it is on a similar component? Is this truly the best material for the job?

These are questions that we typically ask product engineers when presented with a prototype. Here at the Engineering Resource Center, we understand that you are not experts in the field of engineered materials. Your expertise is centered on the product or program that you are launching, not plastic materials. Material selection is a part of the launch process that can be frustrating and time consuming for engineers who are already working on a tight deadline. And we all know, time is money. Not only does this process take time, but it can prove to be costly.

Our job is to make your life easier. We have strategic relationships with plastic resin material suppliers that allow us to offer you multiple materials for testing. This can save you frustration as you work through the product launch process. Oftentimes, we can not only save time, but we can find cost savings that will be sure to make your purchasing department happy.

Once we have an understanding of the design intent of the product, as well as the technical requirements necessary, we will recommend a material and a couple of alternates. By qualifying alternate materials, we are able to ensure that the price and the delivery is appropriate and competitive. No more wondering whether others are getting the same material for less money.

Also, through the qualification of alternate materials, we are able to ensure supply continuity. This will help prevent any delivery and production issues. Imagine the relief your team would feel should one material become obsolete and another has already been approved. 

Making your life easier, that is the goal of The Engineering Resource Center. Do you need assistance with your product launch? Contact us to talk about your project.

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