New Machine Increases Plastic Prototype & Production Efficiencies for ERC

Jan 4, 2016

toyo.pngThe recent addition of a Toyo SI-55-6 injection-molding machine has allowed the Engineering Resource Center the capability to not only sample our own prototype molds, but also run low quantity production runs – all under one roof.

Additionally, RJG software has been added to allow for the most optimized molding process experience while RJG certified sample engineers are producing parts.

The new Toyo machine features a specially engineered Matsui dryer which allows parts to be sampled from multiple materials within the same day. Typically, with a multiple material run, it takes a full day for a single material sample due to the long drying process. With this new specialized machine offered by The ERC, time is saved when sampling multiple materials because of the simultaneous drying capabilities.

Other machine highlights include an all-electric press that adds to the speed and repeatability in the production of prototype parts. Sample parts can now be produced within 24 hours of tool completion.

The Engineering Resource Center’s “light’s out” technology and state of the art engineering process allows for sample and production runs to continue over-night. With orders up to 50,000 parts, manufacturers now have plastic prototype design partners, and production capabilities under one roof.

Watch the Toyo SI-55-6 in action:

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