Need A Prototype Fast? The Time To Move Is Now...

May 24, 2017

Every product engineer has been there. You've been given a tight deadline on a project with no time to waste. You need a prototype - and fast. There are many times where projects need to happen as soon as possible and the upfront administrative piece of the equation (recieving and comparing quotes) can take days, if not weeks. At The ERC, we turn around quotes in a manner of hours giving our customers the opportunity to save time.

One of the advantages of using the Engineering Resource Center for prototype tools is the fact that lead times are short and turnaround is quick. We work hard to ensure that our customers have all of the information necessary to make an informed and sound purchasing decision. Our goal is to do this as quickly as is responsible and work with our customers to ensure that all of their needs have been addressed. We do not want to waste time going back and forth for days on end, but rather, we want to help bring our customer’s project to fruition. After all, that is where both organizations achieve value.

Don't waste any more time going back and forth with other companies negotiating on lead time and price. Let’s get this project moving. The Engineering Resource Center will provide the support you need to get the project off the ground and headed towards profit.

Use our Rapid Quote tool to get your quote now!


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