Developing Plastic Parts For Automotive & Small Engines

Jan 31, 2020

Throughout the 5 years we've been in business, we have developed many plastic part assemblies for small engines and the automotive industry. These assemblies are just a few examples of why it's important to use high quality prototypes to test your design before sending them to production.

Part Type: Automotive Plastic Prototype

Resin:  Glass Filled Nylons

automotive plastic prototype   automotive prototype

This automotive assembly was a new concept design to engage/disengage 4 wheel drive in milliseconds as opposed to tenths of seconds in several line-ups of cars. We helped develop this assembly through several iterations until it functioned properly.  This is a great example of why you must validate your designs via prototyping prior to production.

Part Type: Small Engine Oil Cap Assembly

Resin:  Glass Filled Nylons

oil cap assembly   small engine oil cap

oild cap   small engine oil cap

Our engineering team helped develop the prototype for this oil cap assembly. Once the part was successfully tested and approved for production, we were able to provide low volume production for the plastic parts in this assembly.

Part Type: Small Engine Enclosure

small engine plastic enclosure   small engine plastic part bottom

small engine assembly inside

This enclosure may not look complicated, but it takes the right material and a lot of precision to get 2 parts to clasp together perfectly. The slightest amount of shrinkage or warp can ruin an assembly. This is yet another reason test out prototypes instead of sending your design straight to production.


Some view prototyping as a small one-and-done step in the product development cycle. In reality, your plastic prototype manufacturer is the bridge that will help you turn your designs into high quality parts that work for your product. Choose a prototyping partner that puts quality and functionality at the forefront.

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