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A Cheaper Way To Manufacture Plastic Service Parts

Apr 12, 2019

Manufacturers of small engine and automotive parts often face a challenge when trying to find an affordable way to manufacture their service parts. "Buy more, save more" is the norm in manufacturing. While this helps offset the cost of manufacturing millions of parts, those who only need to manufacture a few thousand replacement parts for their service department end up paying high part prices. So how do you get around paying more for less?

It starts with affordable tooling. A modular tooling system, like ours, solves this problem in several ways: 

  1. The same tool to develop your prototype can be used to manufacturing your small production part quantities. Consider it a 2-in-1 solution for manufacturing functional prototypes and low volume production
  2. The mold bases are already built and owned by us, so customers only have to pay for the inserts. Less steel + less labor = less money.
  3. We only construct our molds out of quality steel so that they are able to withstand higher part quantities and abrasive/filled materials

Automation also plays a role in reducing part prices for service parts. When you cut labor, you cut your part price. At the Engineering Resource Center, we practice "lights out manufacturing" by use of our automated injection molding press. This means we produce parts even when no one is in the building. RJG software monitors quality to ensure consistency so you won't have to worry about receiving flawed parts.

Curious about the service parts we've worked on in the past? Here are a few examples of service parts we helped manufacture:

1. Automotive Assembly

Automotive Assembly    Automotive assembly

The part pictured above is an automotive assembly that engages/disengages 4-wheel-drive in several lineups of cars. It was a new concept designed to engage 4WD in milliseconds as opposed to tenths of seconds. We helped develop and tweak the prototype until it functioned properly as a final production part. Even though the part is made from glass-filled nylons, we were able to create the prototype with the exact material thanks to our durable and affordable steel tooling. 

2. Small Engine Cover

engine-enclosure-assembled    engine-enclosure-assembled-upsidedown

One of our top customers, a manufacturer of small engine parts, consistently relies on our MTS to manufacture their small plastic engine parts for new products and service parts. In fact, it was a "happy accident" that helped them discover how cost effective our low volume production offering is. In one case, we were able to help them out of a manufacturing issue that could have led to a million dollar recall. In just 5 business days, we were able to build a tool that could be used to develop the part as a prototype as well as run the final production parts. The tool went on to produce over 100,000 parts in 3 weeks.

These are great examples of the many ways that our unique approach to prototyping and small volume production can save major cash. If your service department could benefit from our services, reach out to us for a no-obligation quote. We'd be happy to help with any of your plastic parts.

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