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What Makes Us Different?

While other prototyping services focus on manufacturing prototypes as fast and cheap as possible, we focus on quality. We NEVER sacrifice quality in order to cut costs. Instead, we've developed a unique tooling system to reduce our customers' upfront tooling costs while using steel tooling to maintain production-like quality. 

Difference #1

Our Tooling

Instead of reducing costs by building molds out of aluminum, our unique tooling gives customers the benefits of a steel production mold for a fraction of the price. 

Our Quality
Difference #2

Our Quality

If your prototypes need to be used for product testing, you can't risk receiving faulty parts. Our business was built on our ability to make prototypes to the exact dimensions and tight tolerances our customers require.

Difference #3

Our Material Selection

Our engineers are skilled in assisting with material selection to ensure the strength and quality of your part. We will never ask you to compromise on a specified material request.

Difference #4

Our Engineers

Our engineers aren't just amazing at what they do, they're also fun to work with! They can help you facilitate a process that will identify and reduce costly errors in the production process.

Difference #5

Our Prices

We offer competitive prices on tooling and low volume production parts - without the frustrations of purchasing overseas.

Difference #6

Our Integrity

Unlike many prototype service providers, concept designs and production specifications are kept the intellectual property of our customers.

We're Here To Help You.

Creating good mojo between everyone is our key to success. What projects can we help you with?

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