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The Prototyping Blog

the prototyping blog

Prototypes As A Marketing Tool: A Great Way To Win Customers

Posted by Molly Skiba on Jun 22, 2017

Marketing is the lifeblood of any company. The ability to prominently showcase your product to consumers is imperative to business growth. From a prospective customer's standpoint, viewing the functionality of a part and how it will be produced can be the deciding factor. For your marketing team, being able to display your product first is the key to getting “in the door” at many organizations.

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Need A Prototype Fast? The Time To Move Is Now...

Posted by Ryan Duffey on May 24, 2017

Every product engineer has been there. You've been given a tight deadline on a project with no time to waste. You need a prototype - and fast. There are many times where projects need to happen as soon as possible and the upfront administrative piece of the equation (recieving and comparing quotes) can take days, if not weeks. At The ERC, we turn around quotes in a manner of hours giving our customers the opportunity to save time.

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Topics: Build Timing, Speed to market, Prototype Launch, fast prototyping, prototype tools, engineering resource center

Top 5 Online Resources To Guide You Through Your Next Prototype Build

Posted by Molly Skiba on Apr 13, 2017

A product launch can be a stressful process for an engineer...especially during the prototype phase. Maybe you tried submitting a design to an online prototyping service and kept getting error messages, but no guidance. Or maybe you recieved your prototype but your parts turned out low quality and inconsistent. 

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The REAL Cost Of Buying Cheap Prototypes

Posted by Matt Sweeney on Feb 10, 2017

As an engineer, your job is inherent with risks every day. Your company relies on you to launch new project, push the technology envelope, take ideas and turn them into something usable and most of all, profitable. By now, you're pretty good at mitigating risks that will delay your project. After all, math makes sense to you: low risk = successful project, right? But during your prototype launch, some risks are out of your control and in the hands of your chosen prototype house. 

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Advantages of Process Control

Posted by Katie Evans on Oct 7, 2016

Process variability in injection molding and the manufacturing of plastic parts leads to a variety of set-backs, such as product waste, low productivity, and poor quality parts.  In other words, when the process of injection molding varies or becomes less efficient, these unwanted effects can result.  To prevent inefficiency or poor quality parts from happening, process control (PC) is used to monitor and control process variability. 

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Topics: Plastic Prototyping, Design Variables, Speed to market

Go All The Way With The ERC (Low Volume Capable)

Posted by Katie Evans on Jul 26, 2016

Low-volume production allows for flexibility in customization and design changes, real-world testing, and cost savings.

Whether you need a few hundred or thousands of parts every month, the Engineering Resource Center’s low-volume tool manufacturing can help you. Engineering Resource Center’s low volume injection molding is great for products with short life-cycles or products that will not have a need for high volumes. Our low-volume production also means immediate design feedback, long-term price savings, and the opportunity to bridge the gap between the prototype and full-scale production phase.

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Topics: Plastic Prototyping, Speed to market, Bridge-Tooling

How Does The ERC Decrease Time To Market?

Posted by Katie Evans on Jul 5, 2016

The ERC’s prototyping process focuses on getting the product to market quicker. 

Whether you are an individual entrepreneur or a representative with an international company, the Engineering Resource Center focuses on getting your product to market quicker. Efficient tool build strategies and advanced injection molding capabilities, gives the ERC the ability to efficiently launch your project.

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Topics: prototype design, Plastic Prototype, Speed to market