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The Prototyping Blog

the prototyping blog

Design Changes Don't Have To Slow Down Your Project

Posted by Molly Skiba on Sep 19, 2019

As a company that primarily focuses on prototypes, we know that ECN's (Engineering Change Notices) are to be expected from time to time. It shouldn't take weeks to make a slight tweak to your mold when your part requires a design change. Here's how we take a proactive approach to ensure our customers don't have to worry about requesting a change:

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Sometimes It Takes Two

Posted by Ryan Duffey on Jul 24, 2017

At the Engineering Resource Center, one of the things we pride ourselves on is upfront design support. Often times, we will come across designs that are nearly impossible to produce as a single component, or that would not be sustainable in a production environment. Our goal is to work with the customer and provide design to support that both satisfies the part requirements and can be repeated in a production manufacturing setting.

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Topics: Prototype Design Changes, Plastic Prototype, Plastic Prototyping, Injection molding, product development

Metal To Plastic Conversions: Cut Costs, Not Quality

Posted by Molly Skiba on Mar 9, 2017

At the Engineering Resource Center, we are often called upon to help customers convert parts from machined, forged, or cast metal to highly engineered plastic. Converting parts from metal to plastic can be a great way for a manufacturer to cut costs, have more product design freedom, and speed up production. However, the newly designed and engineered plastic product must first pass the testing required to make the switch. Here's what you shouldn't compromise on when trying to keep costs low:

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Change Your Mind? Have no Fear!

Posted by Katie Evans on Sep 30, 2016

Need to make a design change to your injection mold? Let’s be honest. It happens. Molds break down. You change your mind. But it’s how the Engineering Resource Center handles it that makes us different. 

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Topics: Prototype Design Changes, Injection molding

Need a Tweak? 3 Reasons Not To Worry About Prototype Mold Design Changes

Posted by Matt Sweeney on Nov 21, 2014

Prototype design and development is conducted with the expectation that tweaks may need to be made following the sampling process. In most cases when a prototype tweak is needed, you find yourself waiting weeks for the next round of testing and all you may be waiting for is a .005” tweak to a boss diameter or a new material sample. Experienced prototype design experts will take probable changes into consideration when developing an efficient process. Here are three other reasons why prototype tweaks should not affect the timing of your part production.

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