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The Prototyping Blog

the prototyping blog

New Year, New Prototype Supplier?

Posted by Molly Skiba on Dec 7, 2018

The end of the year is a time for reflection. As you reflect on the goals you've achieved in 2018 and the opportunities ahead for 2019, what would you do differently? For many of the companies we met at trade shows this year, the answer was choosing suppliers that they could truly rely on. 

Instead of repeatedly working with a company that continues to disappoint, why not start off 2019 with one you can trust?

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Dodging Hurricane Michael at Design-2-Part

Posted by Molly Skiba on Oct 15, 2018

For the second year in a row, our trip to North Carolina for Southwest Design-2-Part was almost derailed by a hurricane. Thankfully the bad weather held off until mid-day on Thursday (just in time to delay our flight) and while the show closed down early on Day 2, the overall attendance was actually better than anticipated. 

In the past year, we have exhibited at Design-2-Part trade shows in North Carolina, Indiana, and Illinois. As a small, growing company, we couldn't be happier with the connections we've made. In Raleigh, we met a great mix of large companies, start-ups and individual entrepreneurs that we're excited to work with in the coming months. If you haven't been to a Design-2-Part show, we highly recommend going to discover new suppliers and manufacturing solutions. 

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Engineers, You're Not Alone...

Posted by Ryan Duffey on Jul 3, 2018

Ryan Bio PictureOne of the common issues we've noticed in our industry is engineers feeling as if they have no support. We understand that the job of an engineer at an injection molder or an OEM is to focus on the part itself, not the process of developing the tools to make it. While some may have familiarity with injection molding tools, most are more concerned about the fit, form, and function of the product or assembly they are working with.

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Virtual Engineer: Engineering Guidance Without The Investment

Posted by Molly Skiba on Oct 16, 2017

At the start of every project, our engineers provide a full design review, early prototype design support, part design assistance and hands-on consultation. However, we recognize that some entrepreneurs, inventors and startups need help with early product development before they're ready to invest in tooling for a functional prototype. Virtual Engineer allows individuals and businesses to tap into the minds of our expert engineers without having to order prototype tooling.

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How To Turn Your Invention Idea Into A Product That Sells (Part 1)

Posted by Matt Sweeney on Jun 1, 2017

It seems like everyone has a little inventor in them. We've all had one of those million dollar ideas that would change the way we do things. With the era of tech innovation and the rise of crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, it is easier than ever for the average person to bring new products to market. Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to turn your brilliant idea into a real product. 

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Top 5 Online Resources To Guide You Through Your Next Prototype Build

Posted by Molly Skiba on Apr 13, 2017

A product launch can be a stressful process for an engineer...especially during the prototype phase. Maybe you tried submitting a design to an online prototyping service and kept getting error messages, but no guidance. Or maybe you recieved your prototype but your parts turned out low quality and inconsistent. 

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The ERC: A Personal Touch

Posted by Ryan Duffey on Feb 17, 2017

While many companies are looking to automate as much of the manufacturing process as possible, the team at The Engineering Resource Center still believes that interacting directly with the customer will result in the best possible outcome.

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The REAL Cost Of Buying Cheap Prototypes

Posted by Matt Sweeney on Feb 10, 2017

As an engineer, your job is inherent with risks every day. Your company relies on you to launch new project, push the technology envelope, take ideas and turn them into something usable and most of all, profitable. By now, you're pretty good at mitigating risks that will delay your project. After all, math makes sense to you: low risk = successful project, right? But during your prototype launch, some risks are out of your control and in the hands of your chosen prototype house. 

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Engineers are Annoying

Posted by Katie Evans on Sep 8, 2016

Engineers are annoying, stubborn, and hard to find…so let us deal with them for you.

At the Engineering Resource Center, we have created a service called “Virtual Engineer.” This service will allow our customers the ability to tap into the minds of our engineering team without having to actually order a prototype. 

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Turn Your Prototype into a Bridge

Posted by Katie Evans on Aug 19, 2016

At the Engineering Resource Center, not only do we produce prototype tools that are capable of producing parts in just a few weeks, but these tools are also capable of running quantities that could help launch your project into production.

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