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The Prototyping Blog

the prototyping blog

Engineers, You're Not Alone...

Posted by Ryan Duffey on Jul 3, 2018

Ryan Bio PictureOne of the common issues we've noticed in our industry is engineers feeling as if they have no support. We understand that the job of an engineer at an injection molder or an OEM is to focus on the part itself, not the process of developing the tools to make it. While some may have familiarity with injection molding tools, most are more concerned about the fit, form, and function of the product or assembly they are working with.

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The ERC: A Personal Touch

Posted by Ryan Duffey on Feb 17, 2017

While many companies are looking to automate as much of the manufacturing process as possible, the team at The Engineering Resource Center still believes that interacting directly with the customer will result in the best possible outcome.

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Engineers are Annoying

Posted by Katie Evans on Sep 8, 2016

Engineers are annoying, stubborn, and hard to find…so let us deal with them for you.

At the Engineering Resource Center, we have created a service called “Virtual Engineer.” This service will allow our customers the ability to tap into the minds of our engineering team without having to actually order a prototype. 

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Engineers A La Carte- The ERC's New Virtual Engineer Service

Posted by Katie Evans on Jul 29, 2016

Engineering Resource Center's Virtual Engineer provides design and engineering services that customers can utilize as business demands. Engineers are expensive. With Virtual Engineer, you pay for engineering services as you need them.

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8 Tips For Selecting The Best Plastic Prototyping Partner

Posted by Matt Sweeney on Jun 30, 2015

When selecting the best plastic prototype manufacturing partner, the most important decision to make is whether you need a quick, low cost resource or a full-service provider. A few of the reasons why manufacturers are ultimately selected may be due to a thorough understanding of design intent, design for manufacturability (DFM) expertise, face-to-face consultation, quick issue resolution, or high-volume capabilities. Companies that provide production quality parts offer benefits from gained knowledge in experience and technology based on real world testing. Here are 8 questions you should ask yourself, your team and prospective prototype partner prior to deciding on a final process selection.

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4 Reasons To Keep Design Intent In Mind When Designing A Prototype

Posted by Matt Sweeney on Oct 21, 2014

During the prototype design process, there are instances when part features can be manipulated to make manufacturing more efficient without sacrificing the intent of the designed part. Proficient designers & manufacturing partners will likely ask to see the assembly or environment the part will be used in order to better understand the application and what features are truly necessary. 

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7 Guidelines Every Design Engineer Needs to Know for Pilot Prototyping

Posted by Ryan Duffey on May 12, 2014

When design engineers come up with a new product concept, the step prior to production is to create a prototype of the item in order to test it for form, fit and function. But these steps can be taken even further, as some designers and engineers may wish to put their product into the hands of customers or end users before it's green-lit for production. It's this beta-phase that is known as "pilot prototyping."

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