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The Prototyping Blog

the prototyping blog

Timing Is Everything

Posted by Jacob Carter on Aug 24, 2018

Is acquiring cost information in a timely matter important to you? Would you like a readily available subject matter expert, who can help you determine new product feasibility?  When the program is approved, would you like a team dedicated to helping you meet concept to launch metrics?

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Defining "Low Volume" Production Quantities For Plastic Injection Molding

Posted by Matt Sweeney on Jul 9, 2018


Over the past several months, The ERC has exhibited at trade shows throughout the country. I've had the privilege of meeting many prospective customers who visited our booth to ask about our services. When I explain that we build prototype & production tooling as well as manufacture low volume production parts, the most common question is “what quantity do you consider 'low volume'?” The easy answer is: under 100,000 parts per year. But the real answer is: it depends! 

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Topics: Plastics Manufacturing, Bridge-Tooling, Low Volume Production, Low Volume Manufacturing

Case Study: Using Inexpensive Low Volume Production As Manufacturing Recall Solution

Posted by Molly Skiba on Nov 17, 2017

While we focus mainly on prototypes here at The ERC, we recently worked with a customer who was experiencing a quality issue on their assembly line. After many trials and testing, it was determined that a small plastic part would need to be added to their assembly in order to prevent the issue from occuring in the field and demanding a recall. 
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Topics: Plastic Prototype, Bridge-Tooling, tool build,, case study

Top 5 Online Resources To Guide You Through Your Next Prototype Build

Posted by Molly Skiba on Apr 13, 2017

A product launch can be a stressful process for an engineer...especially during the prototype phase. Maybe you tried submitting a design to an online prototyping service and kept getting error messages, but no guidance. Or maybe you recieved your prototype but your parts turned out low quality and inconsistent. 

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Low Volume Production Tool VS. Full Production Tool [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted by Molly Skiba on Mar 30, 2017

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Topics: Bridge-Tooling, Low Volume Production, Low Volume Manufacturing

Optimize Your Prototype Build With Our Modular Tooling System

Posted by Molly Skiba on Mar 24, 2017

When The ERC was formed, our engineers realized 95% of all parts they received needed the same basic requirements for tooling. From those findings, the idea of a modular tooling system was born. We have designed several proprietary mold bases that now allow our toolmakers to build inexpensive mold inserts for most of the parts that come across their desks. 

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Topics: Plastic Prototype, Plastics Manufacturing, Plastic Part Mold, Molded Plastic Prototype, Plastic Prototyping, Injection molding, Bridge-Tooling, Modular Tooling System

How To Get An Affordable Part Price On Low Volume Production Quantities

Posted by Molly Skiba on Mar 3, 2017

It’s pretty common knowledge in the manufacturing industry: “The more you buy, the cheaper it is”. But what if you don’t have a choice? What if your annual volume is only 4,000-5,000 injection molded parts per year and you don’t want to pay $5 per part?  At the Engineering Resource Center, we figured out a few ways to efficiently produce your low volume parts without charging you an arm and a leg for them.

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Topics: Plastics Manufacturing, Bridge-Tooling, Low Volume Production, Low Volume Manufacturing

Turn Your Prototype into a Bridge

Posted by Katie Evans on Aug 19, 2016

At the Engineering Resource Center, not only do we produce prototype tools that are capable of producing parts in just a few weeks, but these tools are also capable of running quantities that could help launch your project into production.

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Go All The Way With The ERC (Low Volume Capable)

Posted by Katie Evans on Jul 26, 2016

Low-volume production allows for flexibility in customization and design changes, real-world testing, and cost savings.

Whether you need a few hundred or thousands of parts every month, the Engineering Resource Center’s low-volume tool manufacturing can help you. Engineering Resource Center’s low volume injection molding is great for products with short life-cycles or products that will not have a need for high volumes. Our low-volume production also means immediate design feedback, long-term price savings, and the opportunity to bridge the gap between the prototype and full-scale production phase.

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Topics: Plastic Prototyping, Speed to market, Bridge-Tooling