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The Prototyping Blog

the prototyping blog

Molly Skiba

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Wall Thickness Guidelines For Injection Molded Parts

Posted by Molly Skiba on Aug 16, 2019

Aside from resin selection, wall thickness is one of the most important details to pay attention to when designing plastic injection molded parts. Determining the appropriate wall thickness is essential for optimizing the performance, appearance, moldability and cost of your part.  The prototyping stage gives you the opportunity to test your design out with different materials and also gives you the opportunity to tweak your part's dimensions before moving on to mass production.

We're here to get you through that stage as efficiently as possible. If you're new to designing parts for plastic injection molding, these guidelines will help you determine the appropriate wall thickness for your part. If you need more tips, don't forget to download our plastic prototyping toolbox and our injection mold classification guide!

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Topics: material selection, wall thickness

RJG: What Is It Good For?

Posted by Molly Skiba on Aug 7, 2019

As a lights-out manufacturing shop, having a completely flawless quality control plan in place is crucial. Our engineers need to know that our press is outputting consistent parts even when no one is in the building. 

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Is High Quality, Low Cost Always Too Good To Be True?

Posted by Molly Skiba on Jul 30, 2019

Sometimes it doesn't make sense when a company offers something high quality for a very low price. We are all conditioned to be skeptical because if it seems too good to be true, it usually is. There is almost always a catch when it comes to getting a cheap price. With ordering plastic injection molded prototypes, it's usually one of the following:

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A History of The Engineering Resource Center

Posted by Molly Skiba on Jul 18, 2019

Where there's a problem, great engineers won't stop at anything to find a solution. And that's exactly why the Engineering Resource Center exists.
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Calculate Your Prototype Cost

Posted by Molly Skiba on Jul 11, 2019

Sometimes you don't want to have to contact a company right away for a quote, you just want to know the price. We get it! That's where our online pricing calculator comes in.

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Topics: injection mold pricing

Check Out Our Newest Services

Posted by Molly Skiba on Jul 3, 2019

Happy Independence Day! It's hard to believe we're already halfway through the year. 2019 has brought big changes to The ERC. We introduced some new employees, new machinery, and new capabilities. In case you missed any of our email announcements, here's a briefing of what's new at The ERC in 2019. Make sure to subscribe to our blog to stay updated!

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Topics: unscrewing mold, 200 ton press

FAQ: "What Is The Maximum Part Size The ERC Can Run?"

Posted by Molly Skiba on Jun 19, 2019

We're back from New York City. Despite a few delayed flights and a good amount of rain, we had a fantastic time exhibiting at Atlantic Design & Manufacturing last week. If you haven't been to a Atlantic Design & Manufacturing/Plastec/MD&M/Quality Expo show, I highly recommend attending one in the future.

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Trade Show: Atlantic Design & Manufacturing (June 11-13th)

Posted by Molly Skiba on Jun 7, 2019

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Topics: trade show

Sick Of Receiving "Other Stuff" With Your Parts?

Posted by Molly Skiba on May 31, 2019

Ordering injection molded parts from a bad supplier is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get. Some frustrations we've been hearing from customers about other injection molders they've worked with include receiving a mix of faulty parts, runners, and other "junk" in their box of parts.

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"Lights Out" For Memorial Day

Posted by Molly Skiba on May 24, 2019

In honor of Memorial Day, The Engineering Resource Center will be closed on Monday, May 27th, 2019. Fortunately, that doesn't mean we have to press pause on manufacturing. We practice "lights out" manufacturing so that even on long weekends and holidays such as this, current part orders are not delayed. Our customers get cheaper part prices due to lack of labor costs as well as consistent quality control thanks to our RJG technology. And our employees get to enjoy some well-earned time off without worrying about getting parts shipped on time. It's a win-win for everybody! 

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