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The Prototyping Blog

the prototyping blog

Is Your Company Still Buying Injection Mold Tooling Overseas?

Posted by Molly Skiba on Jun 7, 2018

We understand the various reasons companies choose to manufacture their injection mold tooling overseas. But we're also very aware of the pain points that come with it. In fact, many of our current customers came to us after struggling with quality issues from their overseas suppliers. Whatever your reasons, The ERC can offer you the price of buying overseas with all the benefits of manufacturing in the USA!

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A Case For Building Prototype & Production Tooling Under One Roof

Posted by Molly Skiba on May 23, 2018

When a part comes out flawed during manufacturing, engineers are rushed to the task of finding out what went wrong. The troubleshooting process can be extremely stressful and time consuming. Will the answer be found in a few hours or in a week? Will it be expensive to fix? Is the flaw in the original part design or the mold? Who should be held accountable? 

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Find Solutions To Your Manufacturing Problems At Design 2 Part In Chicago!

Posted by Molly Skiba on May 1, 2018

D2P Chicago (1)

Looking for quality suppliers in the midwest? Attend the Schaumburg Design2Part Show on May 9th (9:30am-4:00pm) and 10th (9:30m-3:30pm). 

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5 Ways A Functional Plastic Prototype Can Help Your Product Launch

Posted by Molly Skiba on Apr 23, 2018

Injection mold tooling is notoriously expensive which can leave you wondering, do you really need a functional prototype? Will a CAD model or 3D printed part suffice?

Injection molded prototypes are developed to prove that a design will work. They offer the advantage of testing the molding process with the production material, so any process or material design flaws are discovered early on. For this reason, injection molded prototypes can actually end up saving you money in manufacturing. Here are 5 ways your product launch will benefit from developing a production-quality prototype.

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A Guide To Our Modular Tooling System

Posted by Molly Skiba on Mar 15, 2018

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Is Expensive Injection Mold Tooling Derailing Your Projects? Try This Low Cost Alternative

Posted by Ryan Duffey on Mar 5, 2018

When trying to determine the viability of a project, one of the largest obstacles is the upfront capital outlay. The amount of money it costs to launch a project is one of the leading factors in determining whether an idea gets a chance to become reality. At The ERC, we believe that tooling costs should not stand in the way of developing great products. Our unique inexpensive tooling solution allows customers to see their ideas through to fruition. 

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Hidden Costs of Purchasing Injection Mold Tooling Overseas

Posted by Molly Skiba on Feb 26, 2018

When purchasing injection mold tooling, many companies seek out suppliers overseas for the lowest prices. While tooling from overseas suppliers may be cheaper on paper, there are several hidden costs that may end up costing you more in the end. Here are 5 reasons to buy tooling from a globally competitive supplier in the United States instead. 

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ERC Hires Jacob Carter as VP of Business Development

Posted by Molly Skiba on Feb 14, 2018

We are excited to welcome Jacob Carter as Engineering Resource Center's new Vice President of Business Development. Carter will be responsible for seeking new customers and expanding the business.

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Meet Our Newest Engineer, Austen Ballmann!

Posted by Molly Skiba on Feb 9, 2018

We're thrilled to welcome our newest engineer, Austen Ballmann, to the team! Austen recently graduated from UW-Stout with a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Design. With 3 years of internship experience at a plastic injection molding company, Austen has the skills to assist customers with a variety of projects. 

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An Emphasis on Automation & Talent in 2018

Posted by Ryan Duffey on Jan 29, 2018

Despite the pitfalls of purchasing tooling overseas, many OEM's still struggle to justify paying more for domestic tooling. Fortunately, our customers no longer have to make that choice. The Engineering Resource Center prides itself on offering globally competitive pricing without having to sacrifice quality or lead times. How do we do it? It's simple: we automate. 

The upfront cost of automation can be extremely high, which is why many tooling shops don't do it. But for us, the long term benefits make it well worth the investment. Automation gives us the ability to create prototype and small volume production tooling in a “lights out” manner, cutting out labor costs and making it possible to compete on a global level. 

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